First we had robot vacuums, now Aldi has released a robot mop to change the game

If you have wood or tiled floors in your house, you’ll know the slog of having to go around and hoover and then do the same with a mop.

The mop and bucket slops water everywhere, and you’ve really got to put the elbow grease in when it comes to scrubbing off any marks.

The robot vacuum has gotten rid of the stress of picking up dust from the floors of many people, but Aldi’s new robot mop appears to be the answer to our prayers when it comes to mopping.

The Medion robot mop is a new addition to Aldi’s special buys section, and is an online exclusive.

Costing £159, it may seem expensive, but comes with a three-year warranty and the reviews really sell it.

One reviewer – who gave the mop five stars – said: ‘I bought this a couple of weeks ago, I have a bad back and I find this does a great job and saves me getting backache. I recommend it for anyone that suffers with their back or have bad legs.’

Another said: ‘This cleaner really works on my tiled floors. It finds its way around the place and then systematically cleans the whole area. It very rarely gets stuck. It is easy to maintain, clean and put together.’

On a full charge, the mop can run for up to 80 minutes, and turns on with the touch of a button.

It’s equipped with various sensors and an anti-bump case, so you can stick it on before you go to work or out for the day and it’ll do the cleaning without you having to worry about anything.

Then, when you get back, you simply give the brush a little rinse and stick it back on charge so you’re good to go for the next time.

Definitely beats spending all morning with a filthy mop and having to sit very still while the floors dry.