Apple tries to halt publication of App Store book allegedly containing company secrets

Apple has sent a cease and desist letter attempting to prevent the publication of a book written by a former App Store manager because the company believes the book shares confidential company secrets, according to a report from German publication Focus.

The German-language book, titled App Store Confidential, was written by Tom Sadowski, who led the App Store for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland from 2014 until December 2019, according to his LinkedIn page. The book covers Sadowski’s work at Apple, including meetings with CEO Tim Cook, according to AppleInsider.

Apple sent a letter to Sadowski and his publisher, Murmann Verlag, asking them to stop delivering the book to stores, recall all copies in circulation, and destroy manuscripts of the book, reports Focus. The book is still for sale on Amazon.

Apple shared this statement:

Apple has long promoted a free press and supported authors of all types. While we regret the way this longstanding Apple employee violated our working relationship, his actions left us with no other option but to terminate his employment — a decision agreed upon by the works council. All workers should have the reasonable expectation that employment policies will be equally and fairly applied and all companies should have the reasonable expectation that their business practices will be kept confidential.

Apple’s statement suggests Sadowski was fired because he intended to publish the book against his employer’s wishes or perhaps because he did so without going through proper channels at the company.

In an interview with Der Spiegel, Sadowski said he shared the manuscript with Apple in advance of its publication. He also said he feels his book will benefit Apple more than it will harm it, and he told Der Spiegel he’s surprised at the company’s response to its publication.